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17 Questions to Ask Your Inspector


1. What types of licenses do you hold and what kind of training do you have?

2. Do you belong to a professional inspector association?

3. How long have you been licensed in Texas?

4. Are you a full-time home inspector?

5. How much do you charge?

     When do you expect to be paid?

6. Do you inspect gas lines, swimming pools, spas, septic systems, and wells?

     Do you charge extra for these? 

     Do you charge extra based on the size of the home?

     Do you charge extra for multiple AC units or any other items?

7. How much do you charge for a reinspection after repairs are completed?

8. Do you get on the roof to inspect it?

9. How long will the inspections typically take?

10. What items off of the standard report form will you inspect?


11. Can I attend the inspection?

12. Will you point out items when possible that need attention or repair so I can see for myself?

13. How long will it take to receive a typed inspection report?

14. What instruments do you use in the inspection to check for gas leaks, electricity, HVAC, etc.

15. Do you also do termite (wood-destroying insect) inspection?

       Do you own a pest control company?

16. Can I call you with questions that come up later?

17. Can you give me names and phone numbers of three people for whom you've inspected their homes?


From Texas Association of REALTORS®

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